GÉP (Machine) magazine content and printing requirements

Format proposals for the authors of GÉP magazine:doclogopdflogo

Page range: 44 A4 pages (can be increased as needed) + cover
Submit articles: The text is in a separate file, preferably by e-mail or Word 6.0 CD
and a printed copy, PDF is not applicable

Font: Times New Roman

Font size: 10 points

Title (Hungarian) 18 point capital letter, (in English) 16 points caps

author / k / 12 point italic / below the title in the middle

Footnote 8 points (below the first column)

Bibliography: 10 points

Figures and technically printing materials to be processed in a separate file - not suitable for raster images, 
possibly fit the screen size of 80 mm column size

Color figure can be quoted on request. The illustrations in the text, please place

clearly indicated as the captions. 12th Figure. Start-up phase interpretation
tif. applicable

Paper Quality: 115 g (with light), cover 250 g

Column text layout, but can be continuous with post-printing text pagination

(The column size 240 x 80 mm, 5 mm gutter, a new paragraph is 4 mm)
In formulas italic fonts should be avoided!
The proof-read articles appear in the journal 

Before printing we send you the proofread oppinion for possible improvingdoclogo

The article extent: may vary depending on the subject

Proposed structure for the article:

  • Title: Hungarian and English*
  • Abstract: English
  • Introduction
  • Topic discussion, the illustration numbered with signature (in color if possible)
The chapters are highlighted and numbered,  usual reference to the literary text, for example. [5].
  • Summary in Hungarian and
  • Summary in English
  • References-point list (author, title, publisher, publication)

The author's name under the title, in the middle

Footnote: The authors  job, position, electronic

address, potential supervisor's name, title, affiliation


The Machine's Webpage Conditions relating to fair appearence

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You can do the following:
Mozilla Add-ons site. After downloading, you can read the contents of the pdf file.

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